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Should You be Switching to VPS Web Hosting?


What is VPS? VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and is a type of hosting many businesses use after outgrowing their shared hosting plans or if they need more control over their hosting environment. It is a fusion of shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

A Virtual Private Server has its own operating system, disc space, and bandwidth. Like a Dedicated Server, it resides in a data centre. A VPS is part of a server that has been partitioned into separate spaces, each completely independent from the other, each with their own space and operating system.

The account holder of a VPS can only operate within their allotted space. The same as a dedicated server, they can only see within their environment. They can use their VPS the same way as they would their own dedicated server.

Why Use a VPS?

Using a Virtual Private Server, you have a lot more control over your environment that if you were using shared hosting. A Virtual Private Server is a lot faster than shared hosting as it has it's own resources, bandwidth and RAM. It is not slowed down by other users "sharing" a server, it's resources, it's memory and bandwidth. It is also much more secure than shared hosting.

The next step up from using a VPS would be Dedicated hosting, which is a lot more expensive and takes more technical knowhow to operate. Most small and medium sized companies don't need a dedicated server for their internet needs and a VPS is an efficient and scalable solution.

Some of the Benefits of VPS Hosting?

  • VPS hosting is cheaper than dedicated hosting.
  • Allows you to choose the features you need, including RAM and server space.
  • VPS hosting plans are scalable allowing you to increase or decrease your RAM and server space when needed.
  • VPS hosting gives you more control than you would have with shared hosting, including root access, installing scripts and programs not allowed on a shared hosting account.
  • Technical support is always at hand.
  • There are also fully managed VPS services available.

Although VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting, it is a great option for those that need more control over their website and want a more secure environment without the cost of a dedicated server.

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