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PelicanDream is a design studio with one goal in mind: to excel in all we do.
Imagine. Dream. Create.
Thinking outside the box. Keeping an open mind. Daring to be different.

Our Partners & Associates

Our Partners & Associates

Our Partners Blurb

On various projects we collaborate with our Partners and Associates, who may provide skills or knowledge that we do not have in house. Likewise PelicanDream provides our Partners and Associates with the help they need.

The 5 Finger Rule: Our Manifesto

The 5 Finger Rule:
Our Manifesto

About Us Blurb

We take our clients and their success seriously. We are not afraid to make alternative suggestions if we think it will benefit the client. We are here for the long haul. Most of our clients come back year after year, project after project.
five fingers

Our "Five Finger Rule" makes us stand out from the crowd in the web design and hosting services business:

ONE: We will listen to you! This may sound easy, and a lot of people claim they listen, but in reality very few actually take the time to really listen, observe and put themselves into the client's frame of mind, to understand the message that needs visualisation.

TWO: We will study your market or field, in order to help you create a brand that conveys your intended message in a way your market understands and can relate to, from logo creation to your stationery to your brochures to your posters to your website.

THREE: We will help you grow with your brand, enabling you to quickly expand, upgrade or modify everything from your business cards to your website as your business grows.

FOUR: We understand deadlines, special events, last minute projects. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, you can always call 24/7. We're there to help you succeed. We're your back office. You can count on us.

FIVE: We strive for excellence in everything we do. We may not be the cheapest. We do promise to deliver the best value, service and commitment to your project and you'll find us utterly dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.