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PelicanDream has excelled in corporate profiling & brand creation, with over 25 years experience in the field.

A successful brand or logo takes a lot of research, thought and understanding of both the company and the target audience. Your logo is your passport to gaining market recognition and customer loyalty. A good logo will resonate with your potential clients, giving you that essential recognition factor.

Take "Virgin" for example. Millions of people around the world trust the Virgin brand. When you see the Virgin logo, you instantly have an idea that formulates in your mind. You know who you're dealing with. You know what you're getting. It creates a feeling of security. We all like to deal with people we know.

This is why the design of your logo could be the single most important piece of design work for your business. A good logo can help increase your company's chances of succeeding, whilst a poor logo can have a detrimental effect and actually turn people off your product. People will form an opinion of your business based on the style and look of your logo. They may not know what a wonderful person you are or what wonderful products you're selling, but if your logo doesn't fit into their perception of "good" or "cool" or "stylish", no amount of marketing will persuade them otherwise. ORDER YOUR LOGO & BRAND DESIGN

Real life examples of Logo's we've made:
We study your market and design each logo to fit your specific target audience.
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