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In the end, a successful ad campaign or well written copy is all down to getting the message across to a target audience, as simply and as vividly as possible about something (be it a product, an idea, an event, a movie, a song, a book or even a meal, etc.) and inspiring those that hear and or see the message to take positive action (i.e. buy the book).

When it comes to copywriting and creating ad campaigns, PelicanDream has 26 years of experience in this area.

Chris du Plessis We are pleased to also be able to draw on the talent and creative genius of Chris du Plessis, who joined PelicanDream's ad and copywriting division. Chris became famous for writing and directing "Not Quite Friday Night " the South African sketch comedy talk show in the style of "Saturday Night LIve" or "Not the Nine O'Clock News" with amongst others, the British actor Gideon Emery.

Chris has worked for nearly three decades as an editor, journalist and copywriter since graduating from university in South Africa with an arts and literature degree and a diploma in advertising.

Chris is someone who has seen, experienced and knows the world. In fact, he started traveling six months before his birth (his mother was pregnant with him when his parents moved from South Africa to New York) and as the son of a diplomat in his youth and later as a journalist, he traversed the globe extensively – especially in Africa.

He has also produced a number of travel pieces for television and written extensively on a variety of destinations for many South African publications including the popular lifestyle magazine "Style" where he acted as editor for its annual 80-page travel supplement, "Destinations", for three years during the 1990’s.

Chris has just completed amongst others, an ad campaign for P2 Tyre Fluid, with the slogan: "ALL TYRED OUT?"

Below is an example of an article that Chris wrote for the magazine SOUTHº


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Famous advertising quotes:

“Kodak sells film, but they don't advertise film. They advertise memories.” - Theodore Parker

“Advertising isn't a science. It's persuasion. And persuasion is an art.” - William Bernbach

“Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief.” -  Leo Burnett

“Just because your ad looks good is no insurance that it will get looked at. How many people do you know who are impeccably groomed... but dull?” - William Bernbach

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