Useful Traffic Drivers

  • Once an order has been fulfilled (even if it has all been done online) send a confirmation letter along with a few business cards for the customer to pass on.

  • Your local Chambers of Commerce and Business Link organisations are gold mines for both business resources and putting you in touch with potential customers. A good idea is to find out when they have their events to put local suppliers in touch with potential customers and go along. Also research whether they send out emails to local businesses you can advertise on.

  • Offer to write guest articles on other people’s blogs to position yourself as an expert in that field.

  • There are literally hundreds of thousands of faceless websites out there offering services of every kind, some trustworthy and others not. Show the human side of your service to reduce the level of ‘perceived risk’ by using your name in communications (newsletters and customer service emails), add an ‘about us’ page with your picture(s) and if you run a blog use the author’s picture next to the post.


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