Choosing a Hosting Plan

So you've decided to to get your website up and running and have maybe even bought your domain name or URL, i.e. - Now you'd like to get it up on the web, where people can see what you have to say, offer or sell.

There are so many companies offering web hosting solutions, and so many plans to choose from, that the process of making up your mind can become a nightmare. What makes it even more difficult is that each plan seems to offer completely different options, sizes, bandwidth, extras and not to mentions all those techie add-ons that you've never even heard of and haven't a clue what their value could or might be for your website!

Here are a few basic things to consider when you're deciding about a hosting plan:

1) Size and Purpose:

If your website is mainly text based, has very few pictures and you don't plan of  using any images or audio clips, then you can get by with a smaller plan.

If you plan on selling things on your website, make sure that your plan supports an ecommerce or shopping cart solution. If you do plan to install a shopping cart and have several products to sell, you will need to choose a larger package that can accommodate the product photos, and the software you need to run your store.

2) Bandwidth:

You also need to keep in mind how many visitors your website will attract a month as that will determine the bandwidth or data transfer allowance that you need. For example, if your home page is 3MB and you have 1,000 people visiting your website every month, you'll need 3,000MB or 3GB of bandwidth. If your home page is only 0.5MB then if those same 1,000 people visit, all you'll need is 500MB of bandwidth.

So, you'll need to choose a hosting plan that caters for this bandwidth, or you could end up with extra costs that you didn't plan on.

3) Support

Support is probably one of the most overlooked aspects by people when they consider a hosting company. If you have a problem with your server or an email, you want fast support. This is why our support is 24/7/365.

4) Necessary basics

If you plan on running open source software on your website, such as Joomla, Word Press, Drupal or Virtuemart, make sure that the plan you decide on supports them and has MySQL, and the latest PHP5 compatibility.

You can compare all our packages here:

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